About Us


About US

Majidiland (known as Majidi Park until 2014) is a home theme park situated in Erbil (Hawler) Near the Hewa City on the Kaznazan Road, about (4 km) east of Majidi Mall. These concept was Founded in 2009 by our Visionary Man Mr. Haji Ahamad, as a leisure park for the citizens of his beloved Kurdistan Region in Iraq, the park is wholly and privately owned by “Hewa Holding Company as of 2015. The park has already won its credential to be the 1st Amusement Park in the country and among its neighbors for it’s dimensions and magnitude.

The park had its one day soft opening on “12 day of June 2015” with its Dinosaurs Park, roller coaster, the Game Land all becoming alive along with other 21 various rides. The unofficial foot falls were counted to be 15,000 excited Kurds enjoying the arena. 

The feedbacks have made us put in more facilities and attractions in the park.In the days to come, the company has its redevelopment plan, which will lead to new rides, an expansion of the park, and with all prospect the park becoming the only park of its kind in the whole region. Presently as of 2015, the park’s area covers over 1000,000 m2, containing 100+ rides and attractions, as well as a sizzling, hair raising & exciting life size square called Dinosaurs Park. Adjacent to the dinosaurs park there is a lavish open space with all greens lawns and natural shade of trees  a different world for you to experience with family with all those a visitors’ center that is open to the public and that contains shops, restaurants, and a themed tour ride in toy trains and horse carts.