The park boasts of having a parking space to accommodate 2000 cars for its patrons at the entry of the park.

When you enter the park the pretty, energetic and well-mannered staff will assist you in getting your entry passes through 12 counters. Once you are guided by the security to enter the park thru its designated gates you are free to explore the 25 rides, the Miniature Railroad, the Horse cart, Shopping Malls along with Branded food and beverages to tickle your taste buds. The park shall conduct various entertainment events on various days which would be declared from time to time in our event section.

You can take along your kids to the game land which has its a bumper car ride, shooting site, mini train along with many tempting video games.  The x-D’Cinema in game land itself would take you to the virtual world for a totally different experience which is beyond descriptions. The park has its kiddie rides in a totally toddler environment which your kids can’t miss enjoying and will not like to go home.

Dinosour Park

Dinosaurs represented in the park include a functional prototypes of Apatosaurus , Tyrannosaurus rex at the entry of the park, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and an Anatotitan (formerly Trachodon) along with other breeds a Protoceratops and a Dimetrodon.

This Dinosaurs Park is sculptured and dedicated to kids and their education and is inspired from the famous “Jurassic  The Dino Park has 6 real kiddie rides to present the chill of riding a dinosaurs in real life for the kids.

Carnival Games

In general the games in Majidi Land classify in to two kind Free games which is all customer have right to use it after buy one of the card types (regular card pack , Full Pack and Fast Truck Pack ) for entrance which is include 32  games as shown below:

Whirl Wind Chair

Ferris Wheel

Super Space Craft

Ufo Bicycle


Self Control Ufo

Dinosour Arround


Happy Express

Game Land

Kiddie Pirate

Kid Car

Kiddie Sub

Happy Express

Classic Wagon

Target Zero

Flying Fun

Happy Express

Funny Tank II

Smart Hammer

Rescue One

Ultimate Big Punch

Sooting Hoops


Lets Go Jungle


House of Dead 4

Tank Adventure

Pop Moto